Mentors at Eureka Startups come with collective experience of more than 30 years and have already walked or are walking on the path that Entrepreneurs will take

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support include Machines with required configuration, projector for presentation and training rooms if required.

Technical Collabration

If you are founder / cofounder with a non technical background , then eureka startup is right place to be in . We at eureka startup will lend the required helping hand to bring your dream into a reality… Be it php , java , android we have every capability to meet your requirements

Sales Support

If you are technical founder lacking Sales Experience, We will pitch in to streamline your sales support and help you to acheive your dreams.. Yes TOGETHER WE CAN SELL….

Help great people with great ideas build great companies.

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Eureka Startups is an incubation center by Entrepreneurs for Entreprenuer. Started in year 2014 Jan with 1 incubatee , today Eureka Startup houses 7 startups as inhouse incubatee or on co sharing basis.

In nut shell Eureka startup is also a startup in itself.. Today we have capability to house 120 resources.

Eureka Startup team consist of professional with some 20 years of collective experience spread across various domains and Geography .  Founders felt unlike in Western countries , there was like of dedicated facilities to help Entrepreneurs grow.


As Entrepreneurs themselves , Founder has walked thru the path and have realised that infrastructure is always has been major hurdle which not only discourages but also drains entrepreneurs .

So in order to provide relief to all buddying Entrepreneur , Eureka Startup team is proud to dedicate a three storied building with capacity of housing 120 resources to all these entrepreneurs.


Mentors / Investors at Eureka Startups are working professional who has very good domain or Functional knowledge and also aspire to wear a hat of Entrepreneurs. They all carry with them huge experience and can guide aspiring entrepreneurs with all their rich experience

Our Partners will provide wide array of services at discounted Price to our incubatees.


Eureka Startups aims to be preferred host for all the events for Entrepreneurs in Pimpri Chinchwad Area. We plan to hold our event on 3rd Saturday of every month. The event will be  held at our campus in Chinchwad and we will showcase latest products by our startups to prominent entrepreneurs, investors and mentors who visit from all over Pune  We want our students and founders to hobnob with some of the biggest names in India’s business community, learn from the experience of well-known entrepreneurs and connect with investors.

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120 Resources

Biometric Access

Training Room

Conference room

Meeting Rooms


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Mentoring Sessions

Product Strategy



Business and People Strategy

Seed and Venture Funding

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    Abhishek Joshi
  • Best Support For Business setup and help to grow
    Raghwendra Suryawanshi
    creative director
  • Wounderful thank you for all Thanx!
    Satish Kulkarni
    web developer
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    Aanand Kulkarni
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